Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

Mostar nekad i sad-u potrazi za izgubljenim vremenom

Video je objavljen prije 3 godine. Autor Adis Gološ. Ovakvi prilozi ne zastarjevaju. Vrijedi ih ponovo pogledati:

This film presents my town, Mostar, in Bosnia and Hercegovina as it was hundred years ago, compared to how it looks now. I used old postcards, photos and pictures from various sources. Most of them are hundred or more years old. I tried to take new photos and videoclips from exactly the same position, wherever possible. Locations are presented on the animated old map from 1911. I wish to express my gratitiude to all those who have explored this subject deeply and whose work helped me invaluably in research for this film, above all Mr Tibor Vrančić, Mr Špago Smail, Mr Ismail Braco Campara and Mr Zlatko Serdarević.


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